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1 Gunday (2014)

Two childhood friends and their journey to becoming men and achieving their dream of being rulers of the town.

1.4/10 44,215
2 Superman III (1983)

Synthetic kryptonite laced with tobacco tar splits Superman in two: good Clark Kent and bad Man of Steel.

4.9/10 37,765
3 Masterminds (1997)

Trapped in a school which a gang of criminals has siezed control, a young troublemaker fights a cat and mouse battle from inside.

5.2/10 2,615
4 Donald's Snow Fight (1942 short)

Donald Duck, in a battleship made of ice, goes to war against his three nephews, who fight back from their ice fort.

7.9/10 944
5 Pacific Liner (1939)

The S. S. Arcturus sails from Shanghai to San Francisco, and Dr. Jim Craig takes the post of ship's physician in order to be near Ann Grayson...

5.9/10 95
6 State Police (1938)

The state police try to break up racketeering in a coal mining town.

6.5/10 17
7 Fury Below (1936)

Jim Cole, heir to a mining operation, takes over the mine, which is suffering from unexplained low production...

6.3/10 16
8 Eight Bells (1935)

Marge Walker, the daughter of a steamship-line owner, stows away on one of her father's ships bound for Shanghai...

6.4/10 14
9 The Winner (1926)

While Scotty McTavish is driving around his his big automobile, he sees a very pretty girl enter his...

6.2/10 5
10 Dynamite Denny (1932)

When a railroad engineer refuses to participate in a strike, the union drops him and he loses his job.

11 Western Express (1986 video game)

11 titles

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