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1 Groove (2000)

An inside look into one night in the San Francisco underground rave scene.

6.4/10 3,277
2 The Young Americans (1993)

The London police is having trouble with organized crime commited by juvenile delinquents. Their leader...

5.8/10 1,823
3 You Are Here (2007)

Six people in Los Angeles recall their misadventures from the previous night at a club.

6.1/10 572
4 No One Sleeps (2000)

San Francisco is preparing for the premiere of a new staging of the Puccini opera, Turandot. The passionate story of the Chinese princess Turandot...

5.0/10 224
5 Teenage Doll (1957)

A delinquent girls' gang pursues a nice ingenue linked romantically to the male leader of a rival gang, and apparently to the murder of one of their members.

5.4/10 148
6 The Foreigner (1978)

European secret agent Max Menace arrives in New York City, waiting for his contact to tell him his assignment...

5.1/10 142
7 Club Life (1986)

A young man from a small town goes to Hollywood to make his fortune. He gets hired as a bouncer at a disco club...

5.6/10 67
8 Sunset Murder Case (1938)

Small-time showgirl, loved by two decent men, poses as a stripper to infiltrate a nightclub whose owner is believed responsible for her father's murder.

4.8/10 56
9 Fast Forward (2004 short) 5.2/10 42
10 KwameWorld (2006 short)

An improvisational comedy that follows the life of a young stand up comedian from Baltimore (Kwame), challenges and victories in Hollywood through flashbacks and personal point of view.

8.1/10 25
11 O Banheiro de Ida Feldman (1998 short)

11 titles

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