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1 Open Range (2003)

A former gunslinger is forced to take up arms again when he and his cattle crew are threatened by a corrupt lawman.

7.5/10 46,697
2 House at the End of the Street (2012)

After moving with her mother to a small town, a teenager finds that an accident happened in the house at the end of the street. Things get more complicated when she befriends a boy who was the only survivor of the accident.

5.6/10 45,728
3 A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011)

Six years after their Guantanamo Bay adventure, stoner buds Harold Lee and Kumar Patel cause a holiday fracas by inadvertently burning down Harold's father-in-law's prize Christmas tree.

6.3/10 45,325
4 Operatsiya 'Y' i drugie priklyucheniya Shurika (1965)

The movie consists of 3 short movies, each about Shurik - a nerdy student.. 1. "Naparnik" ("Partner")...

8.3/10 4,691
5 Community (2009 TV series)
Episode: Accounting for Lawyers

Jeff blows off the study group and their break-dancing competition to hang out with his old co-workers at the law firm, but Annie tries to prove that one of them is the person who turned him in and got him fired.

"   788
6 Chuck (2007 TV series)
Episode: Chuck Versus First Class

Shaw sends Chuck on a solo mission to Paris, over Sarah and Casey's protests, where Chuck meets a beautiful woman and flashes on an assassin en route. Morgan gains an unexpected ally in dealing with Jeff and Lester at the Buy More.

8.9/10 713
7 Chuck (2007 TV series)
Episode: Chuck Versus the Beard

Chuck is taken off active duty when he has problems trying to use the Intersect and is put in imminent danger without Sarah's and Casey's help.

9.0/10 680
8 24 (2001 TV series)
Episode: Day 2: 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m.

Jack discovers that Shery Palmer is somehow involved in the conspiracy when he tries to talk to Alex Hewitt. Tony and Michelle make a critical decision on how to handle the Chappelle situation.

8.7/10 564
9 24 (2001 TV series)
Episode: Day 5: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Jack allows himself to be captured to save Derek. CTU must attack the airport terrorists before the treaty can be signed.

"   540
10 24 (2001 TV series)
Episode: Day 3: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.

When CTU learns that Saunders has a daughter attending an LA university they must inform Jack the only match for a bait and switch operation is Kim Bauer. Chase tracks down the man who escaped the hotel quarantine. Palmer informs his cabinet on the dangers of the threat.

"   518
11 24 (2001 TV series)
Episode: Season 6 Prequel
8.0/10 319
12 Burn Notice (2007 TV series)
Episode: Where There's Smoke
8.5/10 179
13 Leverage (2008 TV series)
Episode: The King George Job
"   178
14 Charlie's Angels (1976 TV series)
Episode: Lady Killer
6.6/10 55
15 The Professionals (1977 TV series)
Episode: Kickback
7.6/10 17
16 Manimal (1983 TV series)
Episode: Female of the Species
7.1/10 9

16 titles

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