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1 Mest kinematograficheskogo operatora (1912 short)

A jilted husband takes his revenge by filming his wife and her lover and showing the result at the local cinema...

7.9/10 1,378
2 Onnenpeli 2001 (2001 short) 6.6/10 23
3 Alibi Bye Bye (1935 short)

Flash (Bobby Clark and Blodgett ('Paul McCullough (I)' )qv) are two "alibi photographers" in Atlantic...

6.0/10 22
4 The King (1930 short)

The king is a juvenile dolt who tries the patience of the shrewish queen. While she's in the throne room awaiting him...

5.7/10 20
5 Ela na sou po... (2001 short) 6.5/10 "  
6 Special Meal (2008 short)

Alan is one of the finalists in a music competition, but wakes up late on the day of submissions and has to suffer the consequences. How Alan handles this unexpected turn of events will determine his outlook on the situation.

7.2/10 16
7 Marathon (2009 short)

It was supposed to be Patrick's chance for glory. His chance to win the Pig to Whig Little Town Marathon...

8.3/10 9
8 Counsel on De Fence (1934 short)

New lawyer Harry defends a woman charged with poisoning her husband.

7.1/10 7
9 Love Pig (1990 short)
10 Dan's Dippy Doings (1917 short)

In "Dippy Dan's Doings" ( and not "Dan's Dippy Doings") Dippy Dan (Dan Russell), a taxicab driver in New York City...

11 Is het lamsvlees? (2007 short)
12 Calling Scotland Yard: The Sable Scarf (1954 short)
13 The Royal Four-Flusher (1930 short)
14 C.S.I. Spoof (2009 short)
15 Long Kiss Goodnight (2011 short)

15 titles

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