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1 Mr_Right_22 (2007 short)

It's Adam's first internet date, but when he transmitted his photo to the date, he never received the date's pic in return...

6.6/10 92
2 Same Difference (2002 short)

Leon and Noel are twin brothers. When Leon becomes interested in Abi and Abi becomes interested in Noel a love triangle is formed until Noel makes a declaration of his own.

6.4/10 71
3 Guy 101 (2006 short) 7.7/10 54
4 Freezing of Time (2003 short)

Two people, trapped in an elevator, are forced to explore and confront their withdrawal and isolation from the world around them. As they sit awaiting their freedom, a bond is made that gently opens their eyes to new prospects.

5 Nude Bondage Online (1999 video short)

Buxom blonde Cleo can only fume as her friend Sharon invites a chatroom acquaintance over to her house for some bondage play...

6 Vader Chat Room (2006 TV mini-series short)

Darth Vader discovers the Internet. When he receives an email back from Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, saying that he won't join the Dark Side, Vader tries replying back but fails.

6 titles

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