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1 Father of the Pride (2004 TV series)

The misadventures of a family of White Lions who perform with Siegfried and Roy in Las Vegas.

7.0/10 981
2 The Get Along Gang (1984 TV series)

A group of anthropomorphic animal children learn the value of teamwork and friendship.

7.4/10 93
3 The Herbs (1968 TV series)

Animated adventures of characters in a herb garden, such as Sir Basil and Lady Rosemary, Bayleaf the gardener, Sage the owl, Dill the dog and Parsley the lion.

7.7/10 69
4 King Leonardo and His Short Subjects (1960 TV series)

King Leonardo the lion is the inept ruler of the land of Bongo Congo. Aided by the skunk Odie Colognie...

7.8/10 34
5 The Lionhearts (1998 TV series)

An animated series about the life of Leo, the MGM studios mascot and his family.

5.7/10 28
6 Challenge of the SuperFriends (1978 TV series)
Episode: The Time Trap/Sinbad and the Space Pirates

The Legion of Doom uses Gorilla Grodd's inter-spatial time conveyor to steal history's greatest treasures and to trap six of the SuperFriends in the past.

6.3/10 13
7 The Adventures of Parsley (1970 TV series)

FilmFair's stop motion animated follow-up to _"Herbs, The" (1968)_, featuring the adventures of Parsley the Lion, Dill the Dog, and other characters in the herb garden.

8.0/10 11
8 Popeye the Sailor (1960 TV series)
Episode: Matinee Idol Popeye

Brutus is an egotistical French director making a film about Antony and Cleopatra, starring Popeye and Olive Oyl. But Popeye may not survive the production.

6.2/10 10
9 The Hector Heathcote Show (1959 TV series) 6.8/10 8
10 ABC Weekend Specials (1977 TV series)
Episode: The Bollo Caper

Bollo, a leopard brought to New York to be made into a fur coat, manages to escape to Washington to try to get Congress to declare him an endangered species.

11 Yogi's Gang (1973 TV series)
Episode: Lotta Litter
12 Yogi's Gang (1973 TV series)
Episode: Mr. Bigot
13 Matty's Funday Funnies (1959 TV series)
Episode: Davey Cricket/Strange Objects/The Capture of Tear-a-Long the Dotted Lion

13 titles

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