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1 The Time Shifters (1999 TV movie)

A reporter, learning of time travelers visiting 20th century disasters, tries to change the history they know by averting upcoming disasters.

5.9/10 1,905
2 The X Files (1993 TV series)
Episode: X-Cops

The investigation of a neighborhood monster isn't too weird for the crew of Cops to follow around Mulder and Scully.

8.4/10 1,159
3 The Big Breakfast (1992 TV series)

The UK's breakfast TV show on Channel 4. A very lighthearted mix of interviews, news, quizzes and features.

8.3/10 964
4 Star Trek (1966 TV series)
Episode: Patterns of Force

Looking for a missing Federation cultural observer, Kirk and Spock find themselves on a planet whose culture now models the German Nazi Party of old Earth in the 1930's.

7.6/10 786
5 Columbo (1971 TV series)
Episode: Murder, Smoke and Shadows

An egocentric wunderkind director murders a childhood friend who threatens to expose his negligent complicity in the death of his sister years earlier.

7.4/10 767
6 Evidence of Blood (1998 TV movie)

When a Pulitzer prize winning author of true crimes returns to his hometown in Georgia, it isn't long...

6.9/10 688
7 Castle (2009 TV series)
Episode: Pretty Dead

Mysterious murder occurs during a beauty pageant and the suspects are plentiful.

7.8/10 438
8 Kitchen Nightmares (2007 TV series)
Episode: Amy's Baking Company

A couple finds it hard to listen to Chef Ramsay's advice.

"   128
9 Death Valley (2011 TV series)
Episode: Pilot

After a vampire is killed in a prostitution sting, Billy is kidnapped. And a seemingly routine zombie kill in a doughnut shop leads to a death among the TV crew.

7.0/10 105
10 An American Daughter (2000 TV movie)

A Senator's daughter seems to have a lock on a nomination as the US Surgeon General, until a background...

5.6/10 100
11 Amor sin maquillaje (2007 TV series) 5.3/10 17
12 Swamp People (2010 TV series)
Episode: Big Head Bites It
7.5/10 13
13 Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal (2008 TV series documentary)
Episode: The Ghost of Freddie
7.8/10 10
14 The Making of James Bond - 007 (1977 TV series documentary)
Episode: Shooting Scene 330
15 The Making of James Bond - 007 (1977 TV series documentary)
Episode: Shooting Scene 341
16 As the World Turns (1956 TV series)
Episode: Episode #1.13445
17 As the World Turns (1956 TV series)
Episode: Episode #1.13449

17 titles

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