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1 Inside Job (2010 documentary)

Takes a closer look at what brought about the financial meltdown.

8.3/10 42,705
2 Too Big to Fail (2011 TV movie)

Chronicles the financial meltdown of 2008 and centers on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

7.4/10 8,361
3 She Hate Me (2004)

Fired from his job for exposing corrupt business practices, a former biotech executive turns to impregnating wealthy lesbians for profit.

5.4/10 5,781
4 Golgo 13 (1983)

The action packed life of the professional assassin Golgo 13 (AKA Duke Togo). This guy makes James Bond look like Maxwell Smart.

6.8/10 1,623
5 Hell Drivers (1957)

Ex-con trucker tries to expose his boss's rackets.

7.3/10 1,534
6 Lan Yu (2001)

Beijing, 1988. On the cusp of middle-age, Chen Handong has known little but success all his life. The eldest son of a senior government bureaucrat...

7.2/10 1,457
7 Dante's Inferno (1935)

Jim Carter moves in on the McWade's carnival concession which shows scenes from Dante's "Inferno". He makes it a going concern...

6.8/10 453
8 Batman: The Animated Series (1992 TV series)
Episode: If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?

A fired puzzle designer seeks revenge against his greedy former employer as The Riddler.

7.8/10 243
9 Blondie's Anniversary (1947)

When Blondie mistakes a gold watch Dagwood carries home as her anniversary gift, it leads Dagwood into trouble with his boss...

6.9/10 79
10 Out of Touch (2011)

Two men, a former ministry chief and his business partner, have less than 48 hours to save their jobs and reputations. An absurd chain of events threatens to destroy everyone in this fast paced crime thriller.

7.8/10 41
11 Wo shi yi ge zei (1995) 4.5/10 34
12 Neumonía erótica y pasota (1981) 4.1/10 17
13 Keiser Report (2009 TV series) 7.8/10 13
14 Mujeres de nadie (2007 TV series) 5.5/10 10
15 The Bold and the Beautiful (1987 TV series)
Episode: Episode #1.5486
16 The Bold and the Beautiful (1987 TV series)
Episode: Episode #1.5489
17 The Bold and the Beautiful (1987 TV series)
Episode: Episode #1.5490
18 Moyers & Company (2012 TV series)
Episode: Saving Democracy Is Up to Citizen Activists

18 titles

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