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1 Die kommenden Tage (2010) 6.4/10 762
2 Contergan (2007 TV movie)

A dramatization of the thalidomide drug scandal of the early 1960s.

7.4/10 189
3 Mörderischer Frieden (2007)

Kosovo 1999: Two KFOR soldiers save a Serbian woman from the vendetta of an Albanian child and lose their political and emotional distance.

5.1/10 97
4 Nacht vor Augen (2008 TV movie)

Studly German soldier David gets a warm welcome, after a tour of NATO 'peace-making' duty in Afghanistan...

7.6/10 70
5 Fürchte dich nicht (2007 TV movie) 7.3/10 69
6 Eine mörderische Entscheidung (2013 TV documentary)

A dramatized reconstruction of events in restless Afgna province Kunduz, in 2009, and the ensuing trial of the German NATO contingent commander...

6.7/10 68
7 Das Kommando (2004 TV movie)

General Heinz Büchner is in charge of a special unit of the German army. His son Christopher is a member of the unit. They get the mission to take out a band of terrorists that plan an attack on the American headquarters in Heidelberg.

5.6/10 64
8 Die Rettungsflieger (1997 TV series)

"The Air Rescue Team" is a perfectly practised team. They have nerves of steel and are ready for action...

5.9/10 51
9 Landgang für Ringo (1996 TV movie) 6.2/10 18
10 Beim Bund (1982 TV series)

10 titles

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