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1 A Corny Concerto (1943 short)

Making fun of "Fantasia", Bugs, Porky Pig and Porky's dog do a ballet after Elmer Fudd introduces "A Tale of the Vienna Woods."

7.3/10 984
2 Shark (2011 short)

Four master criminals cross paths to keep stolen diamonds for themselves.

7.7/10 45
3 Un monde meilleur (2005 short)

A man stands alone in a lovely pastoral landscape of grass, sea, and sky. He is a soldier imagining...

7.1/10 39
4 De blauwe bus (2010 short)

The Blue Bus takes the viewer on a dazzling journey with colorful characters who will touch the lives of even those who claim never to have heard of 'the blues'.

7.8/10 19
5 Levels (2008 documentary short)

Between two floors, two ways of viewing and making cinema. The minds of two important Brazilian contemporary directors and their thoughts and opinions on fiction and the influence of reality in their work.

7.6/10 17
6 Sailboat (1967 short) 6.1/10 9
7 Wedding for One (2008 short)

Julie thought she was with the love of her life. She thought she would finally be the bride instead of the bridesmaid...

8.1/10 7
8 Flying Full Circle (2009 short)

Flying Full Circle is about living out a childhood dream. Filmmaker Brian J. Terwilliger's passion for...

6.6/10 "  
9 Sous un coin de ciel bleu (2009 short) 5.8/10 5
10 The Storm (2007 short)

A visual interpretation of temptation illustrating the challenges of leaving your comfort zone in order to understand it, expand it and ultimately weather the storm.

11 Red & Blue (2008 short)
12 Season of the Clown (2008 short)
13 Prelude to the Mythos (2009 short)
14 A Modest Proposal (2009 short)
15 Baby Blue (2009 documentary short)
16 Hue of Men (2009 short)
17 Forest Ridge (2011 short)
18 Relative (2012 documentary short)
19 Versos (2014 short)

19 titles

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