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1 Mallrats (1995)

Both dumped by their girlfriends, two best friends seek refuge in the local mall.

7.2/10 84,838
2 Bat Thumb (2001 short) 6.7/10 751
3 Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters (2012 TV movie)

Jeff Dunham's Minding the Monsters brings together your favorites-- Walter, Peanut, Bubba J, Jose Jalapeno...

7.0/10 550
4 Robin's Big Date (2005 short)

Robin tries to go on a date without The Bat-Man tagging along and ruining the evening... it doesn't work...

"   377
5 Batbabe: The Dark Nightie (2009 video)

Bacchum City is being plagued by the maniacal Jerker who sets in motion a plan to steal all of the pornography in the land...

2.7/10 226
6 The Monkees (1966 TV series)
Episode: Captain Crocodile

The Monkees go up against a local kiddie show host, who will not let the group play on his show.

8.4/10 39
7 James Batman (1966)

An evil syndicate is set to conquer the world, and the mission is to stop them from fulfilling their viscious plans...

5.6/10 34
8 Parody Movie (2009)

Wannabe director David and his cocky, best-friend set out to produce the greatest spoof movie ever. But they have no money and no script.

5.3/10 26
9 Dexter's Laboratory (1996 TV series)
Episode: Spacecase/The Justice Friends: Ratman/Dexter's Debt

In "Space Case", Dexter hands off Dee Dee to invading aliens, only to become so overcome with guilt that he decides to save her...

7.3/10 24
10 La verdadera historia de Barman y Droguin (1991) 7.0/10 21
11 El ataba gazaz (1969) 5.0/10 9
12 The Eyeball Papercuts (2005 video short) 6.1/10 8
13 Muppet Babies (1984 TV series)
Episode: Sing a Song of Superheroes
14 ElectroBabe & DynaChick 5 (2005 short)
15 The Dating Guy (2009 TV series)
Episode: VJ and the Holy Boner
16 Kenny Baker Forever (2010 TV series)
17 Batman vs. Catwoman (2013 short)
18 Super Shipping (2014 TV series)

18 titles

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