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1 The Magnificent Seven (1998 TV series)

When an Indian village is threatened by ex-Confederate soldiers, several villagers head out to seek help...

7.5/10 888
2 How the West Was Won (1978 TV mini-series)

The Macahans, a family from Virginia headed by Zeb Macahan, travel across the country to pioneer a new land and a new home in the American West.

8.1/10 725
3 How the West Was Won (1977 TV mini-series)

In 1865, the Macahans are heading west from Virginia to Oregon. Mrs. Kate Macahan is waiting with her children Laura...

8.0/10 580
4 Back to the Future Part III (1991 video game) 6.3/10 112
5 Hondo (1967 TV series) 7.9/10 66
6 Colt .45 (1957 TV series)

Christopher Colt was apparently a gun salesman but was in fact a government agent tracking down notorious bad guys. His cousin Sam took the lead when the studio had contract disputes with the original star.

"   46
7 The Cowboys (1974 TV series)

Seven boys work a cattle ranch in the Old West.

5.4/10 10
8 The Red Man's View (2016)

A Shoshone tribe in northern California is is caught up in the midst of the Civil War when it spreads west, when Union soldiers forces the tribe from their homeland.

8 titles

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