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1 Barabbas (1961)

Barabbas, the criminal that Pontius Pilate induced the populace to vote to set free, so that Christ could be crucified, is haunted by the image of Jesus for the rest of his life.

7.0/10 2,947
2 Barabbas (1953)

The story about the thief who didn't get crucified because Jesus was choosen to take his place.

7.8/10 32
3 Wine of Morning (1955) 5.6/10 13
4 O Menino Arco-Íris (1983)

The boy Jesus tries to find young Barabbas in Jerusalem, to warn him that the romans were crucifying thieves.

5 Barabbas (2014)

Follows alongside the Bible's story of the Crucifixion and Ascension. Waiting to die in prison, Barabbas scoffs at Jesus who "thinks love...

5 titles

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