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1 The Hunting Party (2007)

A young journalist, a seasoned cameraman and a discredited war correspondent embark on an unauthorized mission to find the no...

6.9/10 19,855
2 Guerreros (2002)

The tragic story of a platoon of Spanish soldiers, in the hell of the Kosovo war in 2000

6.5/10 926
3 Forecast (2008)

Romance and political drama tight in an adventure, the "Forecast" tells a story of a Balkan conflict with a happy ending. Yes, there is one.

6.6/10 267
4 The Silent Battle (1939)

A mystery thriller set aboard the Orient Express bound for Istanbul. A girl is blackmailed into throwing a bomb at the president of a fictional Balkan state with the intention of starting another major war.

6.4/10 5
5 I genia ton iroon (1969)

5 titles

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