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1 Casey Bats Again (1954 short)

Hoping for a son to redeem his name, Casey has several daughters instead who happen to be all dynamite baseball players themselves.

6.7/10 185
2 Women in Hiding (1940 short)

The MGM crime reporter introduces Dr. Mallory, health commissioner of a large Midwestern city, he who...

6.2/10 114
3 Sírj! (1995 short)

A three-minutes time-travel from a man's birth to his death, from the micro-cosmos to the macro-cosmos - and all the way back.

7.6/10 5
4 Jitterbug Knights (1939 short)

The king paces back and forth; a knight rushes in with the news: It's a boy! The knight visits the three wise fairies with the news...

5 Silenced (2010 short)

Angel is a prisoner sentenced to death. There is only one problem, he is innocent. He spends the last few minutes of his life confronting the person who put him there, his mother.

5 titles

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