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1 Popeye's 20th Anniversary (1954 short)

Popeye is being honored for his 20 years of films, in a dinner hosted by 'Bob Hope' (several other celebrities are present...

6.0/10 63
2 Seawards the Great Ships (1961 documentary short) 7.1/10 30
3 Award Presentation to Andy Warhol (1964 documentary short) 6.5/10 "  
4 El premio (2010 short) 4.1/10 28
5 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Awards (1951 documentary short)

With producer Ralph Staub handling the microphone, this offering takes the viewer to the annual Photoplay Gold Medal Awards dinner...

5.1/10 10
6 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Night Life (1952 short)

This Columbia Screen Snapshots entry (production number 4858) is strictly a photo-op of scenes where...

5.5/10 "  
7 The 2002 IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards Nomination Show (2002 TV special short)

Host Roger Ebert gives full analysis on the Independent Spirit Award nominees of this year along with insight on the possible winners.

6.3/10 6
8 The Elevator (2003 short)

Things turn ugly when three drag queens get stuck in a balky elevator on the way to an awards ceremony.

6.2/10 "  
9 Screen Snapshots: Reno's Silver Spur Awards (1951 documentary short)

(Ralph Staub) meanders over to Reno to take in the 1951 Reno Silver Spurs Awards, which is confined...

7.2/10 5
10 Screen Snapshots: Photoplay Gold Medal Awards (1948 short)

Columbia production number 9856: The short covers the annual Photoplay Magazine Gold Medal Awards and...

6.0/10 "  
11 The Booker Prize 2001 (2001 TV special short)
12 The What the Papers Say Awards 2001 (2001 TV special short)
13 The 2003 IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards Nomination Show (2003 TV special short)
14 All Access Pass to the 14th Annual American Comedy Awards (2000 TV special short)
15 All Access Pass: The 15th Annual American Comedy Awards (2001 TV special short)
16 DMA04 velkommen (2004 TV special short)
17 Dax Dalton (2006 short)
18 Screen Snapshots: Smiles and Styles (1948 short)
19 Screen Snapshots: Salute to Hollywood (1958 documentary short)
20 The Award Showdown (2004 video short)

20 titles

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