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1 Flying Devils (1933)

Anny Hardy is a parachute-stunt diver with a flying-circus group of barnstorming pilots which her husband...

6.1/10 62
2 Fifty Years Before Your Eyes (1950 documentary) 5.2/10 12
3 Sky-High Saunders (1927 short)

Features actor/flier/stunt man Al Wilson as a daredevil pilot who took on all comers and prevailed, whether it was gangsters, good-or-bad women or bad weather.

4 Efemérides malagueñas - Número 39 (1968 documentary short)

Short documentary about events in Málaga, Spain, containing the following scenes: Soccer and horse-riding at the village...

5 Children of the Wind (1997 documentary short)

Documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Gold explored the world of sailplane gliding in England. Footage from the glider airfield in Little Gransden, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia is intercut with interviews with Pat Harris, chairman of the Cambridge Gliding Club.

5 titles

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