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1 Dracula (1992)

The vampire comes to England to seduce a visitor's fiancée and inflict havoc in the foreign land.

7.5/10 115,028
2 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

A toon hating detective is a cartoon rabbit's only hope to prove his innocence when he is accused of murder.

7.7/10 109,588
3 Peter Pan (1953)

Wendy and her brothers are whisked away to the magical world of Neverland with the hero of their stories, Peter Pan.

7.4/10 51,941
4 Vampyr (1932)

A traveler obsessed with the supernatural visits an old inn and finds evidence of vampires.

7.7/10 8,775
5 Man of a Thousand Faces (1957)

Loose biography of actor Lon Chaney. Growing up with deaf parents, he learns what it is like to be different...

7.2/10 1,600
6 Twitches Too (2007 TV movie)

After using their powers to battle the forces of darkness, the sisters settle down to lead normal lives. However, the discovery that their biological father may not be dead, but residing in New York, causes confusion for the pair.

5.3/10 1,531
7 Bimbo's Initiation (1931 short)

Bimbo the dog is initiated into a secret society in a sadistic 'fun house'; then Betty Boop (with dog's ears) takes a hand.

7.3/10 748
8 Dumb-Hounded (1943 short)

The Wolf escapes from prison but is hounded by the police dog named Droopy. Wherever The Wolf goes, the little fellow is there, too.

7.5/10 560
9 Thugs with Dirty Mugs (1939 short)

Killer and his gang are robbing every bank in town in numerical order, except they skip the 13th National Bank...

6.8/10 289
10 Blue Rhythm (1931 short)

Mickey plays a bluesy tune on a piano on a stage. Minnie sings. Then an unseen band plays while both sing and dance...

6.3/10 167
11 Justice League (2001 TV series)
Episode: Shadow of the Hawk
7.3/10 100
12 Moth and the Flame (1938 short) 6.8/10 99
13 Betty Boop's Museum (1932 short) 6.9/10 79
14 Ground Hog Play (1956 short) 7.1/10 32
15 A Hare-Breadth Finish (1957 short) 4.5/10 13
16 Bus Stop (1961 TV series)
Episode: I Kiss Your Shadow
17 Milton the Monster (1965 TV series)
Episode: Fearless Fly Meets the Monsters/Crumb-Bumming/V for Vampire

17 titles

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