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1 Young Americans (2004 short) 7.9/10 98
2 Somewhat Secret (1939 short)

At the Dimsdale Hall Finishing School, Assistant Dean Emily Godsall declares that any student who associates...

6.2/10 54
3 Biography (1987 TV series documentary)
Episode: The Ken & Barbie Killers
4.9/10 31
4 Boys Bathing, Leapfrog - Atlantic City (1896 documentary short) 5.2/10 6
5 Taken from Trolley, Atlantic City (1896 documentary short) 5.5/10 "  
6 Darkey Excursionists Bathing, Atlantic City (1900 short)
7 Candid Microphone: Series 4, No. 4 (1952 short)

Allen Funt takes his hidden camera and microphone to Atlantic City and sneaks upon a black man in a boardwalk salt-water-taffy store...

8 The Beach at Atlantic City (1902 documentary short)

Another and nearer view of the bathers in the surf at America's most popular summer resort.

9 Feminine World 9601: Talented Beauties (1949 short)

The Movietone News camera goes behind the scenes at the famous annual Miss America beauty pageant in Atlantic City...

9 titles

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