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1 Rome (2005 TV series)
Episode: The Stolen Eagle

In Gaul in 52 B.C., two Roman soldiers, Legionary Titus Pullo and Centurion Lucius Vorenus, are tasked with recovering Julius Caesar's personal Eagle...

8.1/10 851
2 Futurama (1999 TV series)
Episode: Neutopia

To avoid an imminent bankruptcy, the "Planet Express" is converted into an airline company, but on its the first flight the airliner crash-lands on a strange planet.

7.1/10 594
3 They Do It with Mirrors (1991 TV movie)

When Miss Marple is invited to the manor house of an old friend, it is not long before a puzzling murder puts her mind to work.

"   478
4 The Ripper (1997 TV movie)

This telling of the story of Jack the Ripper focuses not on the killings as much as on the aristocratic...

5.7/10 463
5 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955 TV series)
Episode: Our Cook's a Treasure

Shortly after having a quick breakfast with his wife and the new cook whom they have recently hired...

7.5/10 354
6 Windmills of the Gods (1988 TV movie)

When Mary Ashley is approached to become ambassador of the United States of America in Romania she does...

6.4/10 200
7 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955 TV series)
Episode: Conversation Over a Corpse

Cissie Enright is not exactly thrilled with the idea of poisoning the real estate man. But her sister, Joanna, insists that it's the only way.

7.5/10 183
8 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955 TV series)
Episode: Malice Domestic

Marital discord between writer Carl Borden and his wife Annette intensifies when poison is found in his food.

"   172
9 Secrets of the Dead (2000 TV series documentary)

Notable historical events and locations are scientifically examined.

"   145
10 Dandelion Dead (1994 TV mini-series)

This is a dramatisation of the true story of Major Herbert Rowse Armstrong, a solicitor and magistrate's...

7.6/10 144
11 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001 TV series)
Episode: Sound Bodies
8.7/10 96
12 Copper (2012 TV series)
Episode: Arsenic and Old Cake
7.8/10 89
13 Through the Wormhole (2010 TV series documentary)
Episode: How Did We Get Here?
7.9/10 81
14 Major Crimes (2012 TV series)
Episode: Pick Your Poison
8.3/10 43
15 A Nero Wolfe Mystery (2000 TV series)
Episode: Poison à la Carte
7.9/10 40
16 Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime (1983 TV series)
Episode: The House of Lurking Death
7.3/10 34
17 Modern Marvels (1994 TV series documentary)
Episode: The Great Wall of China
6.8/10 16
18 The Best of Broadway (1954 TV series)
Episode: Arsenic and Old Lace
7.1/10 12
19 L'affaire Marie Besnard (1986 TV movie) 6.1/10 10
20 The Ford Theatre Hour (1948 TV series)
Episode: Arsenic and Old Lace
21 Wild West Tech (2003 TV series documentary)
Episode: Brothel Tech

21 titles

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