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1 Woman Rebel (2010 documentary short)

40% of the rebel army over the course of a ten year revolution in Nepal were women. Woman Rebel follows the incredible story of one such woman (codename 'Silu') from the jungles all the way to the halls of Parliament.

7.2/10 20
2 Their Eyes Were Dry (2011 documentary)

On May 15th, 1974, terrorists infiltrated into the quiet town of Ma'alot, Israel and took children hostage. This historic event became known as the Ma'alot Massacre...the birth of terrorism against children.

7.4/10 5
3 Mussolin Speaks! (1933 documentary)
4 Major-General Dodge and Staff (1897 short)

Passing reviewing stand in Grant Memorial Parade.

5 The Tenth Cavalry (1898 short)

"A squadron of the 10th Cavalry, U.S.A. coming down Market Street, Philadelphia, in the great Peace Parade."

6 Suomen kansallinen sotajoukko (1918 documentary short)
7 Italian Libya (1937 documentary short)

Lowell Thomas, shortly after Italy invaded Libya, takes a look at the political importance of the country...

7 titles

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