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1 The Riders of the Whistling Skull (1937)

A supernatural western! The Three Mesquiteers accompany an archeological expedition to a lost Indian city of gold called Lukachuke.

6.6/10 104
2 Dangerous Venture (1947)

Sue Morgan gets Hoppy and his friends to join their expedition looking for Indian artifacts. Expedition...

6.8/10 66
3 Death Rides the Range (1939)

This film finds Ken Baxter and his two pals, Pancho and Panhandle, finding Professor Wahl, injured and wandering on the range...

6.6/10 43
4 The Fighting Renegade (1939)

El Puma, a Mexican desert guide, escorts an archaeological expedition headed by Professor Lucious Lloyd...

5.2/10 20
5 Gun Smoke (1945)

U.S. Marshals Nevada Jack McKenzie and Sandy Hopkins come upon an overturned stagecoach with the driver and the passenger dead...

5.6/10 14
6 Kill Your Killer (2014)

A Spielbergian Cold War Treasure Hunter Film Revolving Around a Broken Family and a Coming of Age Epic.

6 titles

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