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1 Chasing Mummies (2010 TV series documentary)

A documentary filmmaker, his film crew, and a group of archaeological fellows follow renowned Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass on his daily adventures and discoveries.

4.4/10 109
2 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: A Look Inside (1999 TV documentary) 5.9/10 95
3 Die Vampirprinzessin (2007 TV documentary) 6.3/10 47
4 Rameses: Wrath of God or Man? (2004 TV documentary)

This documentary examines what historians know about the Bible's Old Testament account of the Plague of the Firstborn and about Egypt's Pharaoh...

5.4/10 27
5 Archaeology (1991 TV series documentary)

Various archeological subjects are explored and the research projects to explore them.

6.1/10 17
6 What Killed the Mega Beasts? (2002 TV documentary)

Paleontologists seek evidence to determine which of the three competing theories - kill, chill or ill - best account for the disappearance of all the large animals at the end of the last ice age.

7.1/10 16
7 Broken Wings (2003 TV documentary)

Aviation archeologist Pat Macha explores historically-significant aircraft wrecks.

6.1/10 14
8 Piedra sobre piedra (2004 documentary)

One of the most important archeological foundings in risk.

7.6/10 "  
9 Sphinx - Geheimnisse der Geschichte (1988 TV series documentary)

This German format is not a series properly speaking, as it has no permanent cast or script continuity...

6.7/10 12
10 Hidden Worlds: Underground Rome (2007 TV documentary)

Rome, the Eternal City. Tourists flock to her spectacular monuments, but what they see is only the tip of the iceberg...

7.5/10 "  
11 The Human Adventure (1935 documentary)
12 Tom og Mette på sporet (1952 documentary)
13 Parnian (2002 documentary)
14 Men de reddede templerne (1973 TV documentary)
15 Home of the Blizzard (1998 video documentary)
16 Then and Now: Tourism (2010 documentary short)
17 The Legend of Tayos (2015 documentary)

17 titles

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