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1 Absolute Beginners (1986)

A musical adaptation of Colin MacInnes' novel about life in late 1950s London. Nineteen-year-old photographer...

5.5/10 2,030
2 The Damned (1963)

An American tourist, a youth gang leader, and his troubled sister find themselves trapped in a top secret government facility experimenting on children.

6.9/10 1,614
3 We Are the Strange (2007)

Two outcasts fight for survival in a sinister fantasy world. Their lives are constantly in jeopardy after they're caught in the middle of a deadly battle between bizarre monsters on their way to the ice cream shop.

5.4/10 509
4 The Simpsons (1991 video game)

Smithers kidnaps Maggie so Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa set off across Springfield, from Krustyland to Moe's Tavern...

8.0/10 372
5 The House of the Dead: Overkill (2009 video game)

Special Agent G -- is given his first assignment fresh out of the AMS academy. Teamed up with hard-boiled Detective Washington...

7.9/10 90
6 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 5: 8-Bit Is Enough (2008 video game)

Trogdor the Burninator, along with other 8-bit video game elements, invade Free Country, USA, causing much chaos, and it's up to Strong Bad to restore order.

7.3/10 18
7 The Code: Legend of the Gamers (2007)

Follow 3 of the 32 teams entering the 1st Annual Colorado State Video Gaming Tournament. Each team that...

6.3/10 16
8 Dreams Beyond Memory (1988)

Memories of a long lost love are rekindled when a young woman resembling that lost love is introduced to an older bachelor.

5.3/10 9
9 The Invention of Video Games (2012 short)

"The Invention of Video Games" tells the tale of hapless inventor Herman A. Tari and his newest creation: the world's very first video game...

7.8/10 5
10 Der Ohrring (2008 short)

When Pearl finds a beautiful earring on Southport Pier she is transported into a world of German Expressionism where she meets the dashing Fritz...

11 Pokémon Battrio (2007 video game)
12 Pokémon Tretta (2012 video game)

12 titles

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