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1 Jack and the Beanstalk (1974)

When Jack climbs the beanstalk, he finds himself at a creepy castle in the Land of the Clouds, with a beautiful princess...

7.5/10 436
2 Sekai meisaku dôwa: Hakuchô no mizûmi (1981)

The hero, Prince Siegfried, is out riding one day with his friends when he spies amidst swans on a lake...

7.8/10 418
3 Love Hina Spring Special (2001 TV movie)

Keitaro fell asleep during his Tokyo U exam. He was so embarrassed that he was going to fail a fourth time...

7.0/10 226
4 Ozu no mahôtsukai (1982)

Animated version of the classic story of a young farmgirl who is transported to the magic land of Oz.

6.9/10 182
5 Kikô sôseiki Mospeada (1983 TV series)

A warrior named Stick and a bunch of other rebels and soldiers must fight a deadly alien race and track down their ruler.

7.8/10 143
6 Ai Shite Night (1983 TV series) 7.4/10 96
7 Kumo to chûrippu (1943 short) 7.2/10 74
8 Momotarô: Umi no shinpei (1945)

This animated film--Japan's first--was a propaganda piece made to show the Japanese public how the Japanese...

6.5/10 60
9 Hansu Kurushitan Anderusan no sekai (1971)

During his boyhood, young Hans Christian Andersen is exposed to the musical fairy-tale dream world by Uncle Oley.

6.1/10 23
10 Kimba the White Lion: Symphonic Poem (1991)

After a spoken introduction describing the various musical instruments used, the film tells the story of Kimba the White Lion...

6.5/10 10
11 Curtain Call (1986 video) 6.8/10 6
12 Idol Boetai Hummingbird (1993 video)
13 Lovely Serenade (1985 video short)
14 Hitomi no seiza Minky Momo song special (1987 video)
15 A Long-distance Call (2008 video)
16 Melon Soda (2008 short)
17 Burning Stage (2010 short)

17 titles

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