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1 It's Showtime (1976 documentary)

A collection of film clips profiling animal actors.

6.3/10 78
2 Los perros de 'Amores perros' (2000 video documentary short)

A documentary on the use of dog actors in Amores Perros (2000).

7.4/10 41
3 The Horse with the Human Mind (1946 documentary short)

We spend the day with Bess, considered by many to be the smartest horse in the movies, as she works with her trainer.

6.4/10 40
4 Benji at Work (1980 TV documentary short)

Behind-the-scenes look at the beloved movie canine.

6.5/10 23
5 Milton Fox, Esq. (1964 documentary short)

This promotional film for the feature Quick Before It Melts (1964) focuses on its smallest performer. In the movie...

5.3/10 18
6 Hollywood's Amazing Animal Actors (1996 TV documentary)

A documentary tracing the history of animal actors in Hollywood.

6.4/10 11
7 Jean and Her Family (1913 documentary short)
8 Universal Variety Views, No. 93 (1941 documentary short)

This entry of "Universal Variety Views" has narrator Graham McNamee narrating while movie chimpanzee...

8 titles

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