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1 Restrepo (2010 documentary)

A year with one platoon in the deadliest valley in Afghanistan.

7.6/10 13,747
2 The Tillman Story (2010 documentary)

Pat Tillman never thought of himself as a hero. His choice to leave a multimillion-dollar football contract...

7.8/10 3,722
3 Waco: The Rules of Engagement (1997 documentary)

This controversial documentary about the stand-off between an unorthodox Christian group - the Branch Davidians...

8.0/10 2,358
4 Art of War (2009 TV documentary)

Documentary on the main principles of Sun Tsu "Art of War" illustrated with examples from the second world war, the Vietnam war and the American civil war.

7.4/10 89
5 La guerre sans nom (1992 documentary)

Documentary on the French-Algerian conflict 1954-1962 which was never officially called a "war", including interviews with some of the survivors.

7.3/10 45
6 Biography (1987 TV series documentary)
Episode: Love and Death: The Story of Bonnie & Clyde

Their lawless spree of robbing and killing took the lives of a dozen people. Yet something about them...

7.0/10 42
7 Fight or Die (2008 TV series documentary) 8.2/10 21
8 Jacques Mesrine: profession ennemi public (1984 documentary) 7.6/10 16
9 Madina-Boe (1969 documentary short)
10 No Safe Place: Six Lives Forever Changed (2003 TV documentary)
11 Scott Camil Will Not Die (2011 documentary)

11 titles

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