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1 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

When Sid's attempt to adopt three dinosaur eggs gets him abducted by their real mother to an underground lost world, his friends attempt to rescue him.

7.1/10 117,891
2 Land of the Lost (2009)

On his latest expedition, Dr. Rick Marshall is sucked into a space-time vortex alongside his research assistant and a redneck survivalist. In this alternate universe, the trio make friends with a primate named Chaka, their only ally in a world full of dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures.

5.3/10 44,275
3 One Million Years B.C. (1966)

Caveman Tumak is banished from his savage tribe. He finds a brief home among a group of gentle seacoast...

5.6/10 4,667
4 The Land That Time Forgot (1975)

During World War I, a German U-boat sinks a British ship and takes the survivors on board. After it takes a wrong turn...

5.7/10 2,914
5 The Lost World (1925)

The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land where prehistoric creatures still roam.

7.1/10 2,903
6 The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

Cowboy James Franciscus seeks fame and fortune by capturing a Tyrannosaurus Rex living in the Forbidden Valley and putting it in a Mexican circus...

6.2/10 2,149
7 Planet of Dinosaurs (1977)

A space-ship gets lost and is forced to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. The planet looks much like Earth...

4.4/10 690
8 The Simpsons (1989 TV series)
Episode: The Book Job

Homer and Bart put together a team to author the next successful tween novel franchise and make a million dollars, but discover that they need Lisa's help to pull it off.

7.4/10 539
9 The Ballad of Big Al (2000 TV documentary short)

This new, extra chapter of "Walking with Dinosaurs" (1999) focuses on an allosaurus later discovered in 1999 affectionately called "Big Al"...

7.9/10 515
10 The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956)

An American cowboy living in Mexico discovers his cattle is being eaten by a giant prehistoric dinosaur.

5.0/10 485
11 Dinosaucers (1987 TV series) 6.5/10 264
12 Dinosaur Valley Girls (1996) 3.1/10 127
13 The Ghost of Slumber Mountain (1918 short) 5.8/10 96
14 Walking with Dinosaurs (1999 TV series documentary)
Episode: Time of the Titans
8.2/10 90
15 Walking with Dinosaurs (1999 TV series documentary)
Episode: Spirits of the Ice Forest
8.1/10 77
16 Planet Dinosaur: Ultimate Killers (2012 TV documentary) 7.4/10 59
17 The Animal World (1956 documentary) 6.7/10 48
18 Land of the Lost (1974 TV series)
Episode: The Test
6.2/10 12
19 Jurassic Fight Club (2008 TV series documentary)
Episode: Hunter Becomes Hunted
"   11
20 Beyond T-Rex (1997 TV documentary) 6.1/10 10
21 Jurassic Fight Club (2008 TV series documentary)
Episode: Bloodiest Battle
6.8/10 8
22 Jurassic Fight Club (2008 TV series documentary)
Episode: Armageddon
6.4/10 "  
23 Jurassic Fight Club (2008 TV series documentary)
Episode: Largest Killers
6.3/10 7

23 titles

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