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1 Dai-Rantô Smash Brothers Deluxe (2001 video game)

As the game continues, we meet characters and new bosses to defeat.

8.5/10 990
2 Ancient Aliens (2009 TV series documentary)
Episode: Chariots, Gods and Beyond

According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago...

7.7/10 479
3 The UFO Incident (1975 TV movie)

In the early 1960s, an interracial couple undergo hypnosis, which unlocks memories of a forgotten event on a lonely road. Soon they believe they were abducted by extraterrestrials.

7.1/10 341
4 Out of the Blue (2002 video documentary)

This documentary on The UFO Phenomenon aims to show that some UFOs may be extraterrestrial and that secrecy and ridicule are regularly employed to keep the truth about UFOs hidden.

7.7/10 241
5 Go to Hell!! (1997)

Based on the premise that "God" is actually an alien called G.D., who wiped out the dinosaurs and populated...

6.6/10 59
6 Spaceman on Earth (2009 short) 7.4/10 15
7 Joseon X-Files - Secret Book (2010 TV series)

Kim Ji-Hoon stars as a government investigator in 17th century Korea. Kim Hyung Do (Kim Ji Hoon), originally an ordinary inspector for the government...

8.2/10 14
8 The Invention of Video Games (2012 short)

"The Invention of Video Games" tells the tale of hapless inventor Herman A. Tari and his newest creation: the world's very first video game...

7.8/10 5
9 Best Movie of the 90s (2011 video documentary short)

A found documentary uncovering aliens, conspiracies, paranoia, and one man's journey to insanity.

10 In the Night Sky: I Recall a UFO (2013 documentary)

Throughout history, human beings have always been fascinated by the unknown, the mysterious and inexplicable...

11 Ghost Aliens (2015)
12 Advent (2014 short)

12 titles

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