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1 Yellow Submarine (1968)

The Beatles agree to accompany Captain Fred in his Yellow Submarine and go to Pepperland to free it from the music hating Blue Meanies.

7.4/10 15,723
2 Monkey Business (1952)

A chemist finds his personal and professional life turned upside down when one of his chimpanzees finds the fountain of youth.

7.0/10 7,764
3 Spider Baby or, The Maddest Story Ever Told (1968)

A caretaker devotes himself to three demented adults after their father's death.

"   3,229
4 L'été meurtrier (1983)

In spring 1976, a 19-year-old beauty, her German-born mother, and her crippled father move to the town of a firefighter nicknamed Pin-Pon...

7.4/10 2,521
5 Damn Yankees! (1958)

Film adaptation of the George Abbott Broadway musical about a Washington Senators fan who makes a pact...

7.2/10 1,558
6 Mortal Kombat II (1993 video game)

Following his defeat, Shang Tsung begs his master, Shao Kahn, to spare his life. He tells Shao Kahn...

8.1/10 997
7 Coz takhle dát si spenát (1977) 7.1/10 296
8 Probudím se vcera (2012) 6.3/10 142
9 Santo vs. la hija de Frankestein (1972)

A mad female scientist needs Santo's blood for a youth serum; and she has Frankenstein's reliable old monster to help her get it.

6.0/10 139
10 Bored of Education (1946 short)

Lulu answers wrong on a history quiz after cheating off of Tubby. While sitting in the corner and wearing a dunce cap Lulu falls asleep and dreams of chasing Tubby through history to get back at him.

6.3/10 48
11 Superjail! (2007 TV series)
Episode: Mr. Grumpy Pants
8.2/10 30
12 Cartoons on Tour (1915 short) 4.5/10 11

12 titles

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