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1 Shaft in Africa (1973)

P.I. John Shaft is recruited to go undercover to break up a modern slavery ring where young Africans are lured to Paris to do chain-gang work.

5.9/10 1,626
2 Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (1979)

In the fascist Italy of 1935, a painter trained as a doctor is exiled to a remote region near Eboli...

7.6/10 1,072
3 Teza (2008)

The Ethiopian intellectual Anberber returns to his native country during the repressive totalitarian...

7.0/10 314
4 Atletu (2009)

Running the streets of Rome in 1960, an unknown, barefooted Ethiopian man stunned the world by winning Olympic gold in the marathon...

6.6/10 147
5 A Walk to Beautiful (2007 documentary)

"A Walk to Beautiful" tells the story of five women in Ethiopia suffering from devastating childbirth injuries...

8.0/10 134
6 Little Brother, Little Sister (1998)
7 Growing Up and Going Home (2007 TV documentary)

Three teenagers, adopted by an extended Australian family as children, return to Ethiopia to reconnect with the family, friends and culture they left behind.

8 Blood, Sweat, and Luxuries (2010 TV series documentary)
Episode: Leather

Oscar, James, George and the girls follow the production process of Ethopian leather for handbags and footwear...

8 titles

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