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1 The Addams Family (1991)

Con artists plan to fleece the eccentric family using an accomplice who claims to be their long lost Uncle Fester.

6.8/10 77,860
2 Addams Family Values (1993)

A comical Gothic horror-movie-type family tries to rescue their beloved uncle from his gold-digging new love.

6.5/10 44,813
3 The Addams Family (1964 TV series)

The misadventures of a blissfully macabre but extremely loving family.

8.1/10 5,520
4 Addams Family Reunion (1998 video)

The Addams Family goes on a search for their relatives.

3.8/10 2,397
5 The New Addams Family (1998 TV series)

Basically an updated-for-the-90's version of the original Addams Family show. The family remains the same: Gomez...

6.4/10 758
6 The Addams Family (1992 TV series)

An animated series based on the 60's TV series and 90's movie of the same name. Gomez and Morticia Addams...

7.0/10 658
7 The Addams Family (1973 TV series)

The Addams Family is not your typical family: they take delight in most of the things that "normal" people would be terrified of...

6.8/10 392
8 Halloween with the New Addams Family (1977 TV movie)

A revival of the popular '60s TV comedy series "The Addams Family" has them preparing for Halloween in their own inimitable way.

5.9/10 181
9 The Addams Family (1992 video game)

The Addams Family's crooked lawyer, Tully Alfford, has kidnapped members of the family and turned their friendly spooks and monsters against them. As Gomez, you must defeat evil and save your family! It won't be easy!

7.0/10 62
10 It Could Be Worse (2013 TV mini-series)

Jacob Gordon can't catch a break. A struggling actor with a personal life to match. His epic streak of bad luck just might change when he's cast in a Broadway musical; "The Ice Queen", opposite stage and screen royalty Veronica Bailey.

7.8/10 58
11 MC Hammer: 2 Legit - The Videos (2002 video documentary) 6.0/10 17
12 The Making of 'The Addams Family' (1991 TV documentary) 7.1/10 13
13 Uncle Fester's Quest: The Addams Family (1989 video game) 4.8/10 "  
14 Behind the Fame: The Munsters/Addams Family (2002 TV documentary) 5.6/10 5

14 titles

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