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1 Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (2006 video game)

In 1970, six years after the events of MGS3, Snake has to fight against his own unit, FOX, which has turned renegade and captured a nuclear base in South America.

8.1/10 498
2 The Movies (2005 video game)

You play the head of a movie studio who must produce movies, manage your personnel and market your product as the technology of the medium changes over the years.

8.2/10 372
3 Starsky & Hutch (2003 video game)

Take the wheel of the Zebra 3 with two of the coolest undercover cops in town. Join the soft-spoken Hutch and the street-wise Starsky...

7.4/10 26
4 F-15 Strike Eagle (1984 video game) 7.1/10 22

4 titles

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