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1 Out of This World (1954 documentary)

This was filmed in 1949 when Lowell Thomas and Lowell Thomas Jr. took a journey to Tibet before the Red Chinese had moved in...

7.2/10 5
2 Neighbor to the North (1948 short)

An American and a Canadian are driving into western Canada for a fishing-trip vacation, and the Canadian...

3 This Is America: They Fly with the Fleet (1951 documentary short)

Filmed at the U.S. Naval Aviation Training Station at Pensacola, Florida, this entry in RKO's "This is America" series follows the transformation of an aviation cadet into a full-fledged airman as an Ensign in the U. S. Navy air arm.

4 Miss Suomi 1946 (1946 short)
5 Popular Science No. J-8-4: Air Force Fire Fighters (1949 short)

Arthur Hammestein, a retired theatrical producer, at the age of 75, has a hobby of practical science...

6 White Sails (1941 short)

At war with Germany, every available boat has been pressed into service to carry supplies to England...

7 March of Time Special: Battlefields of the Pacific (1941 documentary short)

Other than newsreels, this is the first film (feature or short), relating to the United States' entry into World War II...

8 Stranger Than Fiction 6373: The Candy Kid (1941 short)

A six-year-old girl, Barbara Schultz, is an official candy-taster for a large candy manufacturer; Fredrick...

9 Stranger Than Fiction 6374: Junior Battle Fleet (1941 short)

This edition takes a look at Billy Arthur, the world's tiniest editor, who edits "News and Views"; the...

10 Universal Variety View 6352: Northern Neighbors (1941 short)

This Variety View short visits Canada to witness the training of pilots of the Royal Canadian Air Force...

11 March of Time: Thumbs Up, Texas (1941 short)
12 18 Million Orphans (1945 short)
13 Tomorrow's Mexico (1946 short)
14 Handle with Care! (1947 documentary short)
15 This Is America: Holiday for Danny (1949 short)
16 Football Headliners of 1949 (1949 short)
17 This Is America No. 3: Berlin Powderkeg (1949 documentary short)
18 Sireenien kukkiessa 1941 (1941 documentary short)
19 The Walter Compton News (1947 TV series)

19 titles

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