Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, and Nirupa Roy in Deewaar (1975)
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The Ghazi Attack (2017)
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Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler in The House (2017)
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IMDb Quiz: India at the Oscars

Are you the one to beat when it comes to your knowledge of India's history at the Oscars? Take our quiz and find out!

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Poll: The Big Indian Wedding


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Running Shaadi tells the story of a group of friends who set up a matrimonial website that helps sweethearts elope. Get in the zone for this flick by voting for your favorite Indian movie with a wedding scene.

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8 Things to Know About 'Hebbuli'

Hebbuli, trending on IMDb, tells the story of a brave army officer, played by Sudeep. Check out images and trivia from this action-packed flick!

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IMDb Quiz: Top Rated Telugu Movies

Find out how much you know about the top Telugu movies, as rated by IMDb users.

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Editors' Choice: Indian Movies Based on Shakespeare's Plays

Veeram, based loosely on Macbeth, is trending on IMDb. Check out this list of movies inspired by the plays of William Shakespeare.

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New Movies Releasing on Prime Video

Shivaay, Django Unchained, and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil are just three of the movies to debut on Amazon Prime Video in India this February. Check out our full list of movies and update your Watchlist.

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Tapsee Pannu On and Off Screen

The Pink star continues to rise. In 2017, you can see her in 7 movies including Running Shaadi, The Ghazi Attack, and Naam Shabana. Check out these photos of Tapsee Pannu on and off screen.

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