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Browse the list of August movies and TV shows that our editors recommend, including Sundance favorite The One I Love, the arrival of Peter Capaldi as the newest doctor on "Doctor Who", the latest entry in the Marvel movie universe Guardians of the Galaxy, Clive Owen as a New York surgeon circa 1900 in TV series "The Knick", Chadwick Boseman as King of Soul James Brown in Get On Up, and many more.

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Interview: Jeff Bridges, Lois Lowry, and the Cast of The Giver

by Michelle Nelson | July 25, 2014 at 11:13 AM
Event Photo from The Giver
The cast of The Giver together at Comic-Con 2014.

As I watched the extensive of footage for The Giver at the Hall H panel, I must admit my first thought was "Wow, that really looks a lot like Divergent." While it will be very easy to dismiss this film as just another copycat, Lois Lowry‘s 1993 novel was actually the inspiration for the current YA dystopian craze. Jeff Bridges discovered the novel almost twenty years ago and optioned the book with the intention of directing the film with his father, Lloyd Bridges, in the role of The Giver. Now years later, his dream project has finally made it to the screen. We sat down with Jeff Bridges, the star and producer of the film, author Lois Lowry, and stars Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush, and Cameron Monaghan to learn more about the making of the film. ....

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The One I Love: Interview with Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss, and Charlie McDowell

by Michelle Nelson | July 18, 2014 at 9:45 PM
Still from The One I Love
Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass star in The One I Love.

Charlie McDowell’s The One I Love was one of the most talked about films at Sundance 2014. The only problem is it’s almost impossible to talk about it without giving away the film’s unexpected and very original twist. Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss star as Ethan and Sophie, a married couple going to couples therapy in an attempt to save their marriage. Their therapist (Ted Danson) suggests they take a long weekend retreat at a beautiful vacation house. The weekend is relaxing and tranquil in the beginning, but when Ethan and Sophie discover a unique guesthouse on the grounds, they are forced to take a real look at themselves and the complexities of their relationship. Radius-TWC picked up the film for worldwide distribution, and the company will have the challenging task of keeping the plot a secret ....

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