Character Spotlight: Cinna

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Played by: Lenny Kravitz

What You Should Know: Cinna, a stylist in his first year of working with the Hunger Games, is unique in the sense that his appearance, other than gold eyeliner, is relatively unremarkable. Hunger Games stylists are known for extravagant clothing choices, stenciled designs on their skin, and bizarre surgical alterations. In contrast, Cinna's close-cropped hair and black clothes make him a refreshing alternative to the usual Capitol affectations.

Not only is his appearance unassuming, but his low-key, undramatic manner of dealing with the prickly Katniss provides a calming presence during a time that is beyond chaotic. His quiet contemplation of Katniss's strengths and weaknesses, combined with affectionate encouragement, make Cinna an invaluable ally through the trial-by-fire that is The Hunger Games.