I am unable to watch videos on IMDb.com. What can I do?

Videos on IMDb.com are in standard Flash format, the same technology used by YouTube, Google Video and all the major online video sites on the Internet. If you are able to see videos on YouTube, you should be able to watch videos on our site.

Some users have reported problems with the 'view full screen' option in the video player. The problem is not specific to our player and appears to be caused by an incompatibility with version 10 of the Flash Player and certain hardware/sofware configurations. For additional details see also this help document.

Our technical staff is aware of this and investigating possible solution but at this time we are unable to confirm when the problem will be fixed. However, this glitch only affects the 'full screen' viewing options -- watching videos in their original size would still work normally.

At this time we are not aware of any other major issues with our player that would prevent users from viewing video content: if you are unable to watch videos on our site, the problem is therefore likely to reside on your system and may be caused by an incompatibility with the Flash plugin installed on your computer or with some other local configuration issue.

Please try the following:

  1. Verify that you have the latest version of the Flash Player installed in your browser. Version 9.0 or higher is required to watch videos on IMDb.com. The latest Flash plugin can always be downloaded at:


    To check which version of the Flash player is installed in your browser, go to:


  2. If you have just upgraded/installed your Flash player, please restart your computer and try again. Some browser configuration require a complete reboot before the plugin can work.

  3. Try disabling any pop-up or ad-blocking software (e.g. AdBlock Plus). Some ad-blocking utilities can prevent video from streaming.

  4. Try a different browser -- if you have problems using Internet Explorer, try watching the video with the Firefox browser. If one browser works and another doesn't, this indicates that the issue is with that particular browser configuration.

  5. Try again later -- there might be a temporary network issue affecting video streaming with your ISP or internet connection. The problem may simply resolve itself after a few hours.

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