I am unable to watch videos on IMDb. What can I do?

The majority of videos on IMDb are in HTML5 and should play on any modern browser. We do have a small number of video still in Flash format, although these are being phased out so you should not need Flash for most video content. We are not aware of any issues with our video player that would prevent users from viewing video content: if you are unable to watch videos on IMDb, the problem is therefore likely to reside on your system. Please try the following:
  1. Try disabling any pop-up or ad-blocking software. Some ad-blocking utilities can prevent video from streaming.

  2. Try a different browser. If one browser works and another does not, this indicates that the issue is with that particular browser configuration.

  3. Try again later -- there might be a temporary network issue affecting video streaming with via your internet connection. The problem may simply resolve itself after a few hours.

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