Some of the credits listed on my page don't belong to me. You have me mixed up with someone else! How do I fix this?

Unfortunately, especially when two or more people have similar or identical names, correct credits can sometimes be associated with the wrong person. If this is the case, please contact our help desk to let us know and make sure you provide a list of all your credits, and also specify which ones don't belong to you. This will help us verify our info and will create a separate listing for the other person(s) and move all incorrect credits to their page.

It's very important that you identify all the credits by their titles, not by their number or position on your filmography page (numbers are subject to change due to internal reordering). In other words, please don't send us an e-mail saying "credits number 3, 4 and 7 on my page belong to someone else", because the titles shown as the third, fourth and seventh one when you looked at your page may have changed position by the time we receive your email. Please clearly list all titles, i.e. something like: "the sound mixer credits for Alien (1979), The French Connection (1971) and The Blues Brothers (1980) do not belong to me" and we'll be able to split the credits.

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