What is RSS?

RSS is "Really Simple Syndication," a format that web sites use to provide up-to-date information and headlines via a news reader. An RSS feed supplies headlines and brief article summaries, and a link for you to go to the full text. This XML-based format allows you to view news and data feeds from various sources all on your desktop.

How can I use RSS?

You can install a news reader or aggregator that will display RSS feeds from a number of sites; this reader acts as a kind of information portal or news "home page" and will automatically pull up-to-date information. Most news readers are stand-alone programs (you can download a variety of free news readers), although some web sites will allow you to add an RSS feed to a personalized web page.

Once you have installed a news reader, find the RSS feed you want and click on the orange XML button; you will then open up a page filled with code. Copy the URL and paste it into your news reader. You can now view updated headlines and summaries, and click through to the full articles you want to read.

For a list of RSS feeds available from IMDb, click here.

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