Submitting a new title to IMDb

New titles must be submitted through our title submission form.

For titles that are completed, released or in-production, please use the New Title Form.

IMDbPro subscribers can submit in-development titles by using the Development Title Form.

Please note that titles submitted to the IMDb are not automatically added to the database but must be processed/checked by our staff. Detailed eligibility rules for new titles are listed on the submission form. IMDb retains the right to reject any work whose eligibility is dubious or/and not verifiable. That includes works that are in their very first development stages. They may be rejected at that stage but accepted later on when they are actually finished.

Eligible new titles are normally processed daily and go live on the site within 48 hours. If your title submission is rejected for some reason (normally because of lack of verification data), you will receive an email notice with details on how to correct the problem and re-submit.

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