How do I update my credits via the Help Desk?

You should try submitting credits through the web form method whenever possible, as that is the fastest and most efficient way. However if are an industry professional with an already established career and if you tried the web based system and have failed to get your updates online, you can contact our help desk and we'll do our best to assist you .

Please note that manual processing by our staff is the slowest and most inefficient way to update information on the site and should be used only as a last resort, as it will take us several months to process credits that are submitted in this fashion. In order to expedite the process, please read carefully the following guidelines and try to stick to them as closely as possible.

  • Please do not send us your resume
    If you already have a professional resume formatted as a document, we ask that you please take the time to edit it to make it conform to our submission guidelines instead of sending the entire unedited file to us.

    See here for a detailed explanation of why we can't accept printed resume to update credits.

    As an alternative, you can upload your resume and make it accessible online via IMDb Resume Services. The credits/information in your resume will not be integrated in your IMDb filmography page but it will be accessible from there.

    If you have a picture that you want to have displayed on your biographical information page, do not send it unsolicited. See our Resume Services section for all details on how to submit a headshot.

  • Use a clear and consistent format to list your credits
    The best way to list credits is to send an email written like this:

    Lastname, Firstname - Title of Film (year) - Occupation

    For example:

    Smith, John - My Film (1997) - director


    Doe, John - Another Film (1998) - key grip

    For acting credits, please supply the name of the character you played if possible, like:

    Perkins, Anthony - Psycho (1960) - Norman Bates

    If the credits are for guest appearances in TV series, please clearly mark them as such and try to indicate the episode title/number or date when it was originally broadcast.

    The closer you stick to this format, the better (and the quicker we'll be able to process them and put them online).

  • Be as precise and detailed as possible in order to avoid errors in identifying names/titles and adding credits to the wrong person/film. If you're submitting data for films that are already in the database, please identify them at least by their original title and year of release.

    We can only add credits to titles that are already present in the IMDb. If you want to add a credit for a new title, you need to add the title first.

    The details of the format of titles and the eligibility rules are explained in our new titles guide. Please read this guide carefully and pay special attention to the eligibility criteria. Additionally, note that we require a minimum amount of information on a new title in order to verify its eligibility and existence. IMDb retains the right to reject any work whose eligibility according to the rules is dubious or/and not verifiable. This may include works which are in their very first development stages. They may be rejected at that stage but accepted later on when they are actually finished and released.

  • The IMDb only includes eligible credits
    Though we try to be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to filmographies, we will only include information that fits with our current listing criteria and we will have to reject incomplete/unverifiable information.
All credits must be sent to our Help desk

For more questions and answers about submitting your own credits, please also see our Resume Questions & Answers section


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