How do I cancel my subscription to

Every page on IMDbPro includes a Cancel link at the bottom (Under the Your Account section). You can also go to Your Account information page and click on the Cancel link.

If you have trouble using the Cancel feature, just contact us and we'll do it for you (make sure you include enough details to let us identify your account and verify that you are the card holder.) Please note that the Cancel feature takes effect immediately: if you contact our help desk, the cancellation may be performed only after a day or two.

Please note that cancelling your subscription only prevents the next charge from kicking in: it does not suspend the service that you paid for in advance. Your subscription will still be active and fully functional until the Paid Through date listed on Your Account information page. On that date, your account will cease to work, any photos/resumes you have uploaded will be removed and you will not be charged anymore. You don't have to wait until the last day.

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