Frequently Asked Questions About Lists

How do I find my lists?
Your lists can be accessed from your personalized menu at the right of the main IMDb navigation bar, and from the Quick Links section of your user activity page.

How do I reorder my list?
You can reorder your list using drag and drop. Find the list you want to reorder. Click the edit link in the top right hand corner. Then, grab the item you want to move and move it. You can also use the numbered text fields in either the edit view or the compact view of your list. Change the number next to each list item and then save the list to set a new list order for many items at once.

How do I delete one of my lists?
You can delete an item, by using the "x" button on your list profile page.

What kind of text formatting can I use is my descriptions?
We support formatting using [Square Brackets]. We support the same markup that we do in other website features such as the IMDb title FAQs.

  • [i]italic[/i]
  • [b]bold[/b]
  • [spoiler]Spoilers[/spoiler] (What is a spoiler?)
  • [quote]Quotations[/quote]
  • [link][/link]
  • [link=]IMDb[/link]
  • [link=nm2106835]Link to Cynthia Lea's name page[/link] (more instructions below)
  • [link=tt0093832]Link to Red's Dream title page[/link] (more instructions below)

How do I create a link in one of my descriptions?
You can link to name or title pages using our link markup. For example, here is how you would link to George Clooney's page:

  • Find the URL for George Clooney's IMDb Page:
  • Take the identifier which starts with "nm": nm0000123
  • Use our square bracket markup syntax to label your text:
    This is a [link=nm0000123]link to George Clooney's IMDb page[/link]
  • To link to a movie or a TV show, go through the same proccess, but look for the identifier which starts with "tt".
You can also create links for any URL:
  • [link][/link]
  • [link=]IMDb[/link]

How do I share my lists?
Go to list that you want to share. Look for the text in the right hand column that reads "Share this list". Click on the Facebook or Twitter icons to the right. You can also share a list with your friends by copying the URL from your browser and sending it to your friends via e-mail.

Can I see who looked at my lists/how many people read my lists?
Yes. To see how many people have viewed and commented on each list, look for the "List Activity" box at the top of the right hand column of the list page.

Can I comment/vote on a list?
You can comment on most lists. The comment feature is at the very bottom of the list. List authors have the ability to disable comments, so you will occasionally find a list without the ability to comment. You do not yet have the ability to vote on the quality of a list. But feel free to use the Facebook like button to give the list author some positive feedback.

What are the votes/star ratings displayed below each title on a list?
For each movie or TV show in a list, we show the IMDb Star Bar. If you have rated the title, you will see your own rating in blue stars. If you have not yet rated the title, you will see yellow stars which summarize the ratings of all of our users. You can rate movies and TV shows by clicking on the yellow star bar.

What happens to my lists if I delete my account?
When you delete your account, we will keep your lists on the site, but we will remove your name and IMDb user id.

Is there a limit to the number of entries on a list, or to how many lists I can create?
There is not a limit to the number of entries on a list; however, each user is limited to 999 lists. Watchlist entries cannot extend beyond 10,000 titles.

How can I export my list to a different format, such as a text format?

There isn't a button to export User Lists to RSS, but you can still export a list to the RSS format by simply replacing "www" at the beginning of the URL with "rss".

For example:

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a standardized text format that you can easily use with a variety of programs.

You can also export a list to csv (comma separated values) file by clicking "Export this list" at the bottom right hand corner of the list. You can review the list in the csv format in a spreadsheet program like Excel.

How do I search for a list in IMDb lists?
We do not have a list search feature available on IMDb yet, but you can use your regular search engine to do this. For example, if you are looking for lists mentioning the word director, you can use the following Google query: director

What do I do if I find objectionable content in a list?
You can report objectionable list content using the "Report this list" link in the "About this list" box in the top right hand corner of a list page.

How do I get my list to show up in one of the tagged sections, like "Horror"?
Right now, the only way to tag a list is to create it from the "Create an Action list" link in the upper right hand of the Action tag page.

Why is the alphabetical sort order wrong for movies?
Any one movie in IMDb might be known by a number of different titles depending on what country, language, era, release, or version we're talking about (we call these "akas"). Most of IMDb is set up to automatically show you the right title for your language/region -- and indeed you can change it here -- however the alphabetical sorting is done inside the advanced search engine, which isn't 100% compatible with this display preference yet.

How do I add a whole list to one of my lists?
You can add a whole list to your watchlist. To do this:

  • Visit the list
  • Look for the 3 View icons at the top right corner of the list. Choose the rightmost compact view.
  • In compact view, you will see checkboxes on the left. You can use the select all checkbox at the top to select all of the items on the list.
  • Now use the Copy to: Watchlist dropdown at the top of the list to move the titles.

How can I see if a user added an item to a list recently?
To see if a user has added something to a list recently, you can use the Sort by Date added dropdown at the top of the list.

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