Why does my browser crash when I try to access your site?

Occasionally we receive inquiries/complaints about generic technical difficulties like:

  • Your pages take too long to load
  • Your website crashes my computer
  • The fonts are all screwed up
  • I can't scroll to the bottom
  • Your website locks up my computer
  • I can't click on anything
Unfortunately, these descriptions of the problem are too vague to allow us to reproduce the issue at our end. The best we can do is provide some hints that may allow you to diagnose the problem locally:

  • Does the problem occur when using a different browser on the same computer (e.g. Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, or vice versa)?
  • Have you tried connecting to the site from a different location (e.g. work instead of home)?
  • Is the problem occurring every time you access the site or only occasionally?
  • Does it occur always on the same type of page or on any page of the site?
  • Have you noticed anything in common among the pages where the problem occurred (e.g. the same advertisement or promotional content)?
  • Have you tried closing all other applications and restarting your computer?
  • Have you recently installed or upgraded any applications in you system (e.g. a new antivirus, firewall or internet security tool)?
  • Have you changed anything in your browser's setting (especially in the security/privacy setting) or upgraded any plugins?
If you continue to experience problems after trying the suggestions above and if you still can't solve the issue, let us know and be as detailed and specific as possible: include details about your browser (name and version) and operating system, a detailed description of the problem (i.e. if you get an error message, please tell us what it says; if the page only loads partially, please describe where it stops loading etc.) and a link to the specific page on our site where the error occurs.

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