What is IMDb Quiz?

IMDb Quiz is a celebrity, movie & television quiz game in which you attempt to identify a title or name from a series of clues. Each question starts out with 40-100 points (depending the challenge level played), and on the more difficult levels, clues can be revealed 9at a cost of 10 points). A scoring timer counts down to zero as you play each question. The best possible score on a quiz is 1000 points, which would require answering all questions perfectly instantly (not possible in practice!)

Are my scores and username public?

Yes. For registered users, we may show the quiz(zes) you played, your scores and user name on various top lists or other areas of the site. You can change or modify your user name, or take a quiz as an unregistered user.

Can I play a quiz multiple times?

Yes. We track all the scores, but may choose to only display a subset of them.

It's possible to cheat on this.

Yes. Yes, it is.

How can I make my own quiz?

Any public IMDb movie and television title list can be a quiz! Visit the list (either your own or someone else) and look for the IMDb Quiz information "Play The Game" in the upper right hand corner of the page. When you click on that link that list has now become a game! Only public lists can be quizzes. We encourage you to share your quiz on our message board on any or all boards where the quiz would be appropriate, mail to a friend or post to Facebook or Twitter. If it is not your list giving credit to the list author is appropriate.

How can I find great quiz lists?

We don't have search within our lists or quizzes, but Google works great for this. Try searching for your-keywords.
To find lists for films with car chases search for car chase

Why are some quizzes so short?

If a quiz has less then ten items to draw from, all are always used. This quiz might be fun to take, but probably not to retake. If a quiz has more than ten questions, a subset are randomly chosen, which means that two people taking the same quiz (or the same person retaking that quiz) may well see different questions.

Can I see the scores for people who took my quiz?

Yes, it is displayed on the page for the quiz.

How can I customize my quiz clue(s)?

The description of the list you (optionally) created is displayed as in the quiz introductory text. You can add descriptive text to the comment field of the list which will be revealed as a clue in each question. Be conscious of 'spoiling' the answer in your descriptions and comments!

What's up with the timer?

A timer on the page counts down as you consider your answer. You score the amount of time left on the clock, so answering quickly can give you a higher score. You always get some points if you get the correct answer, so no need to feel rushed. Take your time and consult your friends or use IMDb to find the correct answers!

Can I get questions answered about the quiz?

We want to hear from you! Please post a question and comments on our message board.

Can I make quizzes from all lists?

Yes, for names or titles, just use where const is the IMDb identifier for that title or name. e.g. becomes We not support quizzes on character lists yet. Warning: name quizzes are difficult!

What's the difference between the levels of difficulty?

It's the same game, but on the easier level we show you all the clues at once, but your maximum score is reduced. On the genius level you see the clues one at a time and can achieve the maximum score of close to 1000.

What is displayed if I share on Facebook or Twitter?

We will show at least the game name with a link, a "call to action" to invite your friends/followers to try the game, your score, and possibly imagery from the quiz, title or name.

How can I find the quizzes in Facebook & Twitter?

For Twitter, we use the hash tags #imdb #quiz. You can also look on Facebook for the tags imdb quiz.

How can I report inappropriate content?

The quiz games with the word list in their link are drawn from user lists, which are generated and maintained by IMDb users like yourself. To report a list, you must go to the original list the quiz is drawn from. For a list, you can to go the main list page at and click on report this list.

You made a quiz about me (or someone I'm a fan of). How can I get this link on my Facebook fan page?

Here's an article on how to add an external link to your Facebook page.

How can I feature a quiz on my blog/Facebook Page/personal website, etc?

The quiz games are simply URLs (links), so they do not require any special treatment to feature. Simply visit the quiz page itself, copy the URL from the browser address bar, and paste it into the whatever tool you use to maintain your own personal website with a comment like "IMDb's Danica McKellar Quiz" for the link On quizzes featuring user lists, we create the quiz from users content, but we do not maintain the content, so an attribution like "Political Thrillers Quiz by g-tyaneus on IMDb" would be the correct attribution.

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