I added a new title that has just gone live; where is the rest of the data submitted along with it?

When a new title is added to the database, the data associated with it usually takes a few more days to appear, particularly if you included names that were not previously listed in the database. Please be patient and all eligible data will be processed and should appear within a few days.

For more information on our processing schedule, please see our processing times page.

For updates and details on our current processing status (i.e. backlogs/delays), please see status page.

If the title was accepted into the database (not just submitted) more than 3 business days ago and the missing data is not backlogged/delayed (as per our update schedule), then you should try resubmitting any missing data once; if that data still does not appear within a few days, please contact us (with a link to the specific data resubmission from your update history) so we can look into it.

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