How to merge two titles?

If you are certain that two separate titles listed on IMDb refer to the same film/show and need to be consolidated into the same listing, please follow these instructions to request the merge.

To submit a correction, you should use the 'Title Correction' option to change the title of one film to the second. For example, if you know that the pages for Untitled XYZ Project (2006) and ABC Movie, The (2006) refer to the same film, you would go to the page for Untitled XYZ Project (2006), click on the Update/Edit Info button at the bottom of the page, select the 'Title Correction' option and change the title of the film to ABC Movie, The (2006). This will result in a merge of the two titles.

Important notes:

1) You need to submit the correction so that the old/outdated/incorrect title is changed to the current/correct title, not the other way around. Go to the page for the old/incorrect title and enter the title of the second listing as the correct title. You'll need to enter the title exactly as it appears in the second listign (you should get a message warning you that the second title already exists: this is ok).

2) Please verify that the two titles really refer to the same film/show. Don't be confused by similarities or by different films/programs that just happen to share the same title. For example X Files, The (1993) (TV) is not the same as "X Files, The" (1993). The first listing is for the pilot for the TV series, the second is for the series itself.

3) Some corrections can't be applied through the web form -- this is the case when the two titles have different years or when the title types don't match (e.g. you can't merge the titles of a film and a TV movie). If you are unable to submit the correction via the web form, please contact our helpdesk and provide specific details (i.e. the URL of the pages for both titles and which one of the two is the correct/current title) and your request will be forwarded to our staff in charge of titles.

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