What are check-ins?
Check-ins are an IMDb feature that let you tell us that you have recently watch, are currently watching, or will shortly watch a title listed on IMDb. We will save all your check-ins so you can refer to them later in a list. You can optionally add a short comment and share your check-in with your friends on popular social networks.

How Do I Check-in?
It's easy! On almost every title on IMDb, there is a button called Check-in prominently displayed. If you're registered with IMDb, you can click this button and follow the appropriate prompting to submit a check-in. If you're not registered and logged in you'll be prompted to do so before you can check-in for the first time.

Why is the check-in button missing on some titles?
There are a few special cases where we don't allow a check-in. The most prominent of these is for titles that have yet to be released. We allow votes a few weeks before the general theatrical release, and it is the same for check-ins.

Can I check-in for an entire TV series or individual TV episodes or both?
With the above exception, you can check in for both individual episodes and entire series, or both as you see fit.

How Do I Access my List of Check-ins?
Check-ins can be accessed from the right-hand side bar of the main lists page, and from the Personalize section of your account page, from the navigation bar under "Community".

Are My Check-ins Public?
Yes, they are public. Your check-ins are held in a publicly available URL that anyone with a web browser can see. Unlike our other lists, you do not currently have the option for private check-ins. Please be mindful of this if you check-in for titles that you are not keen for others to know you are watching. However, you do have the option to delete any title you've checked in on the Your Check-Ins page.

You should have this for your mobile apps and mobile website
Stay tuned!

How do I reorder my list?
You cannot reorder a check-in list. The check-in is the order you've seen titles in time, it would not make sense to adjust the time. However, you can delete titles.

What kind of formatting is supporting for the comments?
The comment/description field follows the same markup as our 'swiki' content.

How do I share my check-in list?
On the Check-ins, look for the text in the right hand column that reads "Share this list". Click on the Facebook or Twitter icons to the right. You can also share a list with your friends by copying the URL from your browser and sending it to your friends via e-mail.

Can I see who looked at my lists/how many people read my lists?
Yes. To see how many people have viewed and commented on each list, look for the "List Activity" box at the top of the right hand column of the list page.

What happens to my check-in list if I delete my account?
When you delete your account, we remove your name and user id, but your check-in list URL will remain active. You will not able to modify it after the account is delete, and if you reinstate your account with a new account id you will not be able to recover your check-ins.

May I have more than one check-in list?
No, there is only one check-in list per customer at this time.

Can I check-in for something I have seen long ago?
Our favored use of this feature is for titles you are currently seeing, however, there is nothing to prevent you from using this as a seen it list for all the titles you have seen since childhood. However, be aware, that may be spamming your friends if you do a lot all at once (and choose to share them via a social network).

Can I check-in for something I will see shortly?
Absolutely! Go ahead an check-in for a film you'll see at a theater tonight and put in the comment whether you want your friends to join you (and where they should meet) - then publish it to a social network. Or use it to gather friends at your house.

How can I export my check-in list to a different format, such as a text format?
You can export your list to RSS by clicking on the small orange square near the header of your list. RSS is a portable standard format which you can easily use with a variety of programs.

You can also export a list to csv (comma separated values) file by using the "export" link at the bottom right hand corner of the list. You can then use the csv to look at your list in a spreadsheet program like excel.

I always want to share my check-ins via a social network, can I set this once?
On the Sharing page you can set a global option that will set whether the sharing icon for a social network is on or off by default. You still have the option to toggle it before you submit your check-in.

How do I get my list to show up in one of the tagged sections, like "Horror"?
Check-in lists do not show up on any of the tagged sections at this time.

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