How do I customize my personal information?

First, click the "My Profile" link in the block of links at the upper right of a boards page.

Once there, the "Personal Options" section allows you to set options regarding the information others can see about you.

The first field is E-mail Address. At your discretion, you can put your real address in here if you want it to be available to anyone browsing the boards. Alternatively, you might put in a secondary address, like one at where your fellow users can mail you. You can leave it blank, or if you choose, you can put in something like "dev@dev.null" which goes nowhere. On a side note: PLEASE do not put in someone else's e-mail address. That's just not nice. Doing so could be considered a violation of our Terms and Conditions.

The Website and Biography fields are pretty self-explanatory, giving you a chance to tell your fellow boards users a little bit more about yourself. You might fill these fields with things such as hobbies, where your personal homepage is, where you live (city and state/country only please), your instant messaging information, your favorite director, links to your lists, etc.
Biographies are limited to 10,000 characters at this time. Please do not include profanity or any content in violation of our Terms and Conditions.

The Signature is text you can have added to the end of every one of the messages you post. You are limited to 100 characters (letters, numbers, symbols, or spaces), so keep it short and sweet. Most people usually put their name and a favorite phrase or quote. As per the other fields, do not include profanity or content in violation of our Terms and Conditions.

You can choose to be notified/mailed at your registered e-mail address when certain things happen via the Notification section of your profile. You may be notified whenever someone posts a reply to one of your posts and/or whenever someone sends you a private message.

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